The evergreen clove plant is grown in Sri Lanka and its cloves are carefully selected and harvested by hand. With its smoky and peppery taste, it is an important ingredient used to enrich many traditional dishes in both eastern and western cuisine. Clove oil also possesses known anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and analgesic properties.

Harvesting period : January to April

Quantity available for export : 
approx 1000 MT per year

Product specifications:
Hand picked Head cloves, max – 2%
Cloves below 10mm, max – 1%
Clove stems & clove fruits, max – 0.2%
Fermented cloves, max – 0.5%
Extraneous matter, max – 0.2%
Moisture, max – 12% No. 1 Clove stems and clove fruits, max – 3%
Extraneous matter, max – 0.5%Moisture, max – 13%