Today, as in the past, the best cinnamon bark in the world comes from Sri Lanka. Ceylon Cinnamon is of the finest quality and yields a highly fragrant aroma and a sweet and warm taste. Ceylon cinnamon is produced using only the thin inner bark. It has a finer texture and a taste which is considered more subtle than cassia (sometimes sold and labelled as cinnamon).

Harvesting period: April to August
Quantity available for export: approx 1000MT per year.

Continental – C5 special, C5, C4
Mexican – M4, M5
Hamburg – H1, H2, H2 FAQ
Cinnamon Quilings – superfine, No. 1, No. 2 (FAQ)
Cinnamon featherings
Cinnamon chips

Product specifications:
Maximum moisture – 14%
Extraneous matter percent by mass–max 0.5%
We can also provide cut cinnamon according to buyer’s specifications.